“This is Africa’s Moment, and Kenya is Ready for You!”


I am pleased to confirm that preparations leading to the hosting of the TICAD VI Summit and Conference are currently in top gear.  A fully operational Secretariat has been established at our Kenyatta International Convention Centre, situated within the Central Business District (CBD) of Kenya’s capital–the City of Nairobi.

Online Communication

This website is part of the cocktail of information and communication channels that we have developed to ensure seamless communication with all prospective delegates and all other stakeholders of the TICAD process. In the coming weeks and months we will continue to improve the website and to avail more practical information that ensures that your participation in TICAD VI is absolutely trouble free.

Hotel Bookings and Accommodation

For starters, the secretariat encourages early registration by delegates through respective national focal points who will in turn, ensure your accreditation. This is part of the necessary protocol meant to enhance your safety and security.

For specific hotels and bookings, please refer Here.The secretariat has identified and reserved over seventy (70) hotels that cater for every taste and class and as many know already, Nairobi is homely; and a world renowned destination of choice. You will certainly enjoy a busy working mission coupled with appropriate relaxation in Nairobi and even beyond.

Do not also forget: Nairobi is the unique city in the world with a natural game park right next to its CBD for those wishing to take some time off for a well-deserved holiday of game viewing and relaxation.

A Mid-Term Review

On the substance and agenda of TICAD VI, it is worth emphasising that following agreement by the co-organisers, to reduce Summit intervals from the previous five to just three years, TICAD VI is necessarily a midterm review.  In essence it will be reviewing the progress so far made on the basis of the Yokohama Action Plan and its targets as agreed during the TICAD V Summit in Tokyo in 2013.  The review and monitoring of progress is an important and unique element of the  TICAD process, and I am delighted to state that all our stakeholders will be happy in realising that a number of significant and transformative programmes are being implemented all over the African continent  as a result of TICAD.

Sampling of Major TICAD Programmes in Africa

Last but not least, I applaud the refreshing pan-african vision that TICAD has taken. The close alignment with Africa’s ‘Agenda 2063’ framework, is especially significant as we all seek to put the continent in the driving seat of its development over the next fifty to one-hundred years. The high level policy dialogue that will strengthen the uptake and implementation of transformative growth programmes throughout Africa is a remarkable feat we must all be proud of.

As the one charged with the responsibility of managing this historic gathering in Africa, I salute and thank the Government of Kenya for the great honour and responsibility bestowed upon me. I also thank all the other co-organisers, the partners and above all, the gallant people of the African continent who we must all hope, will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the promising outcomes of TICAD VI.



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