Message from Amb (Dr) Amina Mohammed, C.S for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Government of the Republic of Kenya

Countdown to TICAD VI


I am most delighted to join in welcoming our distinguished delegates to the City of Nairobi during the upcoming Tokyo International Conference on African Development; in short, TICAD VI.

The Nairobi Summit officially known as TICAD VI is the sixth of such Summit level meetings and it will be held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Nairobi, Kenya on the 27th-28th August, 2016.

The Summits and Conference, all previously held in Tokyo, Japan and attended by nearly all African Heads of State, have become the centre piece of Japanese-African co-operation and the mutually beneficial friendship that currently prevails between the two global entities.

The TICAD process as it is now officially known, is definitively, one of the most important platforms for progressing high level policy discussions touching on the many important areas of Africa’s development.

In the last several weeks and months, the Government of Kenya has been working with other key TICAD stakeholders: the Government of Japan; the UN; UNDP; World Bank and the African Union Comission, to prepare for a successful hosting of TICAD VI.

Nairobi, Destination of Choice

The choice of Nairobi to host this unique gathering is for us in Kenya, a major stamp of international approval. It does confirm our increasing standing and importance among the comity of nations and the confidence many have in the country.

But Nairobi also signals to the fact that Africa must now decisively take that necessary ownership and charge of its developmental destiny more than ever before. This is in keeping with the letter and spirit of TICAD.


TICAD VI will, for the first time in its history have an interactive session between Heads of State and representatives of business and the private sector. This is indeed a welcome gesture that builds on the decision made in TICAD V and its Yokohama Action Plan (YAP) that specifically recognises Private sector as the engine of growth. On this basis, I would like to specifically, appeal to the private sector to take advantage of TICAD VI to showcase their companies at the exhibitions; business fora and symposium as well as in the many side events that have been planned to be held immediately before and during the conference.

Indeed TICAD VI will also feature representation from other national and continental stakeholder groups; including from Africa’s Civil Society Organisations as well as exhibitions mounted by the Japanese Private sector and other international interests.

In light of all the foregoing, TICAD VI will be dealing with a number of critical substantive issues pertinent to Kenya and the continent of Africa at large.  These include high level exchanges as well as monitoring of the outcomes realized from TICAD V. The key areas are the overall continental economic growth agenda; Africa’s infrastructure development programme; agriculture and farming; Peace and Security as well as, questions of social inclusivity. I do therefore remain most optimistic, that all of you will certainly have a most memorable and eventful Heads of State Summit and Conference in Nairobi.

On behalf of myself, the Government and the people of Kenya at large, I invite you to come and savour the legendary tourism destination and hospitality of the people of Kenya.






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