General Program of the TICAD VI Summit

The TICAD VI Summit runs from 27th to 28th August, 2016.

The Summit will be preceded by a Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) proposed for 23-24th August 2016 and a final preparatory Ministerial Meeting on 26th August 2016.

The official working languages for TICAD are English and French.

The numbers of seats reserved for each delegation from TICAD member States are 1+4. The numbers of seats reserved for partner country delegation are 1+1. The numbers of seats allocated to invited international organizations are also 1+1.

Access to the official meeting rooms/ hall will be limited to Head of Delegation plus four (1+4) for country delegations, (1+1) for partner States and International Organizations.

Day 1 of the Summit will include Opening Session; Plenary Session 1; Photo Session; three thematic sessions and official receptions/ luncheon.

Day 2 of the Summit will include a Plenary Session 2; Plenary Session 3; a Closing Session and a Joint Press Conference.

There will be official luncheons/ receptions hosted by the Government of Kenya, Government of Japan, Nairobi County Government and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) during the Conference period. Attendance will be limited.

The final programme for the Summit will be circulated to all participating countries and invited delegates. 

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