Investing in Kenya

 As an Investor in Kenya, immense opportunities exist in various sectors. Key among the investment opportunities include;

Manufacturing: There is high potential for investment in the textile industry, while there is also a big demand for electronic goods, paper made from non-traditional raw materials and automotive parts.

Mining: Kenya has potential for mining of gold and precious stones, and has an extensive area for exploration of petroleum oil.

Tourism: Tourism, which is Kenya’s third largest foreign exchange earner, is a potential growth area that has significant investment opportunities in conferencing, eco-friendly tourism in the parks and cruise ship tourism.

ICT & knowledge industry: Kenya intends to have a well-developed communications network by 2015 Therefore, great opportunities exist for provision of IT and related services, development for incoming and outgoing call centres and software. Kenya being keen on attracting reputable educational institutions, there are opportunities in expansion of science and technology centres, IT centres of excellence and training centres for the hospitality industry.

Energy & infrastructure: There are investment opportunities in oil and LPG supply and distribution, and in the country’s rural electrification and water supply programmes. Furthermore, there is huge demand for investment in infrastructure of all kinds, in view of the country’s Vision 2030 economic blueprint programme.

Banking & finance: Kenya’s financial sector is the largest in the East and Central African region, and requires investment to allow the micro-financial sector reach its full potential, as well as the investment banking, lease hire and housing finance sectors.

For detailed information on doing business/investing in the country log on to; Kenya Investment Authority

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